SeamsCloud is a simple, easy to use, affordable and scalable eLearning platform

With no capital outlay you can instantly lower the total cost of staff training. eLearning has never been this easy.

  • Custom Branding
  • Tiered Access Levels
  • Staff Management
  • Automatic Smart Enrolments
  • Tincan and Scorm compliant eLearning
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email Notifications
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Seams Cloud is an intuitive and simple-to-use eLearning platform. Designed using cutting-edge technologies, our modern training solution will engage your staff and deliver the results you need.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

You can learn on any device, any time, any place. It’s as simple to view Seams Cloud on a desktop or laptop as it is from a tablet or smartphone. Start your elearning course on one device and move to another, our training tracking software will record it. Seams Cloud is intuitive and easy-to-use whatever platform you choose.

Industry Standards and further

Scorm and Tin Can API

Like all other training software out there, Seams Cloud supports SCORM. We go one better though. Upload your Tin Can zip file into Seams Cloud and watch it spring to life! Seams Cloud is built to make all the enhanced functionality of the latest elearning formats as intuitive and easy-to-use as every other element of our platform.

Take advantage of advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Everyone has their own way of organising their information, so Seams Cloud lets you choose how you want to do it. Our training tracking software comes with a wide range of preconfigured reporting options. Filter your elearning data by date, group, course, course status or your own customer data fields. You can then export your results to Excel or whatever suits! Seams Cloud has the adaptability to insert itself seamlessly into your existing training environment.

Access training in the Cloud

Cloud Based

Seams Cloud, just like it sounds, is cloud based training software. Installation and hardware are things you won’t have to worry about, we’ve taken care of all that. This takes the big IT decisions and roadblocks out of the equation when using our LMS. You and your employees have 24/7 access to your eLearning content from any device. Choose the time and place that suits you to do your training, our training tracking software will capture the results.

Modern powerful cloud technology


The Seams Cloud user interface is intuitive and responsive, so it loses nothing whether being viewed on a laptop, a tablet or a phone. Our training software preserves your branding whatever the format, projecting it faithfully to whoever is accessing the system, however they’re choosing to do it.

Upload your own logo and brand


Brand the platform with your company name, logo and colours. Seams Cloud is completely scalable, so whatever the size of your organisation, you can cut your cloth to measure. Manage your elearning content through an online environment where you choose the styling that best suits your company, with you logo clearly on display.

Price Plan

Our SAAS Model (Software as a service) means that, with no capital outlay, your business can have a content management system and elearning platform with the same level of functionality and effectiveness as major corporate companies.


€15 per user per year

Up to 500 Users
5GB Free Storage*
Customizable Branding
24/7 Support
SSL Secure Encryption
3rd Party Content Integration


€10 per user per year

501-1000 Users
10GB Free Storage*
Customizable Branding
24/7 Support
SSL Secure Encryption
3rd Party Content Integration


€8 per user per year

1001-2000 Users
10GB Free Storage*
Customizable Branding
24/7 Support
SSL Secure Encryption
3rd Party Content Integration


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2001+ Users
10GB Free Storage*
Customizable Branding
24/7 Support
SSL Secure Encryption
3rd Party Content Integration

* Extra capacity plans available on request. Minimum yearly contract of €500.


Our LMS is built using HTML5 standards, making it a truly versatile elearning portal. Access your online courses and training records from any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone with a HTML5 enabled browser.

Html5 enabled browsers

Our LMS runs on all HTML5 enabled browsers:

Web enabled devices


new features
Make SeamsCloud look like your company


Upload your brand logo and colours, creating a consistent branded experience in your online training.

Organise result data

Advanced Reporting

With our training tracking software, you can now filter your reports how you choose.

Clean design

Intuitive New Design

We’ve designed and built our online training interface for maximum ease-of-use.

New powerful fast Dashboard

All New Dashboard

Now you can view your online courses, whether Completed, Due or In Progress, and our training tracking software offers the information at a click.

Ready to go in any size

Mobile Ready

Access your online courses from your phone or tablet; anywhere, anytime.


We’ve not only built a practical and effective LMS(Learning Management System), we’re always there to support it. When you subscribe to our training software, you receive the highest standard of customer care. Contact us 24/7 with any queries or issues, and we’ll resolve them in a timely and efficient manner.

24/7 customer support
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