Entrepreneurial Skills eLearning Course

Why Online Training?

Experience savings of up to 80% with the following benefits:

  • Validation of Learning: Staff need to pass a test at the end of the module to prove they have learnt the content.
  • Track Learning Progress: All learning records stored in the database and reports available.
  • Keep it Simple: No need to arrange travel or time away from work for the staff.
  • Learn any Place any Time: Staff can take the course in their own time (although deadlines can be set).
  • Reinforce: Staff can take the course as often as they like for one year.
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On completion of this module participants will be aware of what being entrepreneurial means and how to bring an entrepreneurial attitude to work. You will appreciate the skills involved in being an entrepreneur and how they can be applied in the work situation.


1. Defining Entrepreneurship
2. How Do You Become More Entrepreneurial?
3. Entrepreneurial Skills
4. The Challenges of Becoming an Entrepreneurial Employee
5. Your Entrepreneurial Action


This course is meant for organisations who want to train their staff and not for individuals.

Client Success Stories!

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At Tayto Park our front line staff are our direct link to our customers on a daily basis and ensuring that they understand what good customer service is has become a training priority for us.
With over 200 staff, arranging training using a face to face approach was a hugely time consuming and costly task. Our move to online training with SeamsCloud has streamlined and modernised our staff training approach. It is now so easy to onboard our new staff and maintain high levels of training, and easy to see who has completed their training in real time, and allows me to quickly identify any staff members who are struggling.
Also the support from the SeamsCloud team if I had any questions was to the highest level. Ultimately , using this training service has proved to be cost effective and efficient , and has provided our team members with the skills required for a positive guest experience.

Sarah Laverty
Admissions and Guest Experience Manager

Having looked at multiple systems, Optimum Results SeamsCloud LMS was the system we liked the best. Cost effective, while covering our requirements, it was easy to create courses, sessions and user profiles. In the four months prior to go-live, I found Morgan’s support and advice to be invaluable. Since launching the LMS, our learners have found the system easy to use and assigning/tracking training has become much more efficient.

Christine Moore
Training Manager

We have found Optimum Results to be professional, reliable and efficient with any queries/updates we may have had. Morgan & Feargal have always provided great assistance to us during the set up period while the modules were being tailor made to suit our company’s needs, and throughout the go live process. Optimum Results SeamsCloud LMS has changed our way of training staff, they now have 24/7 access to their training modules, the company handbook and much more, so they have everything at their fingertips to progress as individuals and improve on their daily performance within Meade Potato Company.

Stephanie Cluskey
HR Administrator/L&D Coordinator
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