Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification is a term that is often confused. It is not game based learning, but rather incorporates game mechanics into eLearning platforms such as points and leader boards to eLearning platforms. The objective of gamification is to compliment the learning process and make the training content more engaging. It is important not to let the gaming elements become the main focus.

If you are in the process of moving your training online and think gamification is an essential element of moving online, take a step back and think of the reasons why you are training your staff. Gamification is an element that can be added to your training and can be a method of engaging staff with training at a later date, but it is important to develop a cohesive and high quality course before rushing into adding gamification elements.

Gamification does carry certain benefits, for example the University of Colorado found that users of gamification learning scored higher. Retention rates can also be higher as staff are more engaged with the training.

Gamification is a flexible concept and there are many different ways of applying it to different industries. Gamification can be used by companies to identify quickly if employees have completed an assessment. This ties in with setting training goals like what you want your employees to know and by when. It is always important to set a timeframe for training and identify a finish date with flexibility with staff as to when they can complete the training.

Gamification allows employees feel like they have improved and that they have achieved something. This mindset will help encourage staff to realise the change that management often want staff to have made once they have taken part in training by putting it into practice.  

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Gamification allows for instant feedback and it shows what employees or those taking part in training know and what they can improve on.

Overall gamification creates a better learning environment that is informal and effective, and it reinforces learning. It is important to note that gamification elements will cost more in the short term, but this investment will positively impact on the bottom line.

It is important to note that heavily investing in gamification is not a good solution for poor training content. Gamification works best with relevant and well thought out modules that are perhaps long and engagement may be harder to maintain. No amount of points is going to motivate an employee to read 5 text heavy articles that are not relevant to their position or the overall business ethos.

Gamification is a great tool that can be used to help implement training and buy in but the first step in mastering online training is finding the right content. For more information about online training or gamification, please contact us.

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