National Password Day

National Password Day

Today is National Password Day, a day where we are reminded of the importance of changing your password on a regular basis and a day which promotes better password habits. Since 2013, the first Thursday of May has been declared World Password Day, an initiative that was pushed by Intel Security.

86% of passwords are considered ‘terrible’. Password security is important both personally and in the world of business, but it is vital that sensitive information is handled correctly and in an age of GDPR and data protection, organisations have a huge responsibility to comply with legislation and security procedures.

Password day is a day to change your password and maybe even put a plan in place and communicate out to your team the importance of changing your password, especially as most organisations are currently faced with working remotely. This day can also be a chance for management to stop and take a step back and ask themselves, ‘how are we compliant with data protection’ and ‘how do we handle sensitive documents?’.

Corporate compliance is important in every sector and no company can run without some level of compliance. Running a compliance training programme will ensure that a workplace follows laws and regulations whether it be relating to health and safety or data protection. A training programme will help employees understand the rules and procedures that they should be following.

Here at Seamscloud, we can help you to establish a programme that is interactive and customised to your needs. These courses can also include an end of module quiz to assess if staff have taken on board the training or if they need to review the material again. Investing in compliance training has a positive economic benefit as staff will make less errors when it comes to handling sensitive material and data breaches and in the long term, this will save the company money as there will be less of a chance of a case being made against the company.

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We are here to help and can regularly update and adapt training when new regulations come into effect. Let Password Day be a time for your business to remember the importance of compliance and how compliance training can protect your business.

The benefits are enormous, and a compliant organisation will maintain a positive image and create a brand that is known for being reliable, safe and above all trustworthy. These traits all help to create loyal customers which are the end goal while building leads and making contacts, whatever your field.

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